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  • First Government licenced
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What is Gynaecomastia?

Gynaecomastia (more commonly known as Man Boobs or Moobs) are an increasing concern for the male population. It is the abnormal fullness of the breast region in males; this tissue being either adipose (fat) or glandular.

In teenage males it is not uncommon to get some glandular development, which may be embarrassing.  It may also be tender or even lactate (produce milk).

Although it will usually resolve without intervention, sometimes surgical removal is performed. However, we also see young men with purely fatty Gynaecomastia, which is treated with Liposculpture.

The procedure

Dr Oates performs Gynaecomastia at Academy Day Hospital under twilight sedation and local anaesthetic.

For the reduction of the adipose (fat) tissue in males a simple Liposculpture procedure can be performed. The procedure takes about 90 minutes and you go home wearing a compression vest over some absorbent  pads. The vest is worn for 4 weeks. There is some discomfort/stiffness but an improvement is usually seen immediately – however best results usually take up to 4 months. Fortunately the skin usually retracts very well.

Who is a good candidate?

Someone concerned with the following characteristics:

  • Enlarged male breast tissue
  • Feeling self conscious
  • To improve overall body proportion

Who is not a good candidate?

Someone concerned with the following characteristics:

  • Unrealistic expectations
  • Impaired healing
  • Currently taking medications that can cause Gynaecomastia

How long will I need off work?

Approximately 7 – 14 days off work depending on the amount of physical activity in your line of work.

The recovery

It is normal to experience swelling and bruising following Gynaecomastia. Ice packs can be applied to help reduce the swelling and bruising.

You will be required to wear a support garment 2 weeks day and night, then a further 2 weeks night only,  this will improve swelling and circulation. You will be provided with 2 garments. You can remove garments for showering and for short intervals.

Is there discomfort?

You may experience mild to moderate discomfort following Gynaecomastia.  Discomfort can be managed with Panadol or Panadeine Forte for most patients.

Pre and post operative care

Pre and post operative care is managed by our registered nurses. This will include pre operative assessment and post operative wound management.

Risks and complications

There is a small risk of complications with any surgical procedure. This will be discussed at your consultation. You will also be provided with written information for Gynaecomastia.

I’m interested, what’s the next step?

Your first step is an initial consultation with Dr Oates. If you have a referral you will be able to claim some of the cost of the consultation from Medicare. If Dr Oates decides that you are a suitable candidate for Gynaecomastia and you want to go ahead, a booking for surgery and the pre operative care is scheduled. The usual waiting period is three to four weeks.

Complementary consultation

You may wish to speak with our Nurse Consultant prior to seeing Dr Oates. During this complimentary consultation,  options can be discussed to treat your concern(s).

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