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Injectable Penis Enlargement (Calibre)

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If a penis enlargement procedure was painless, safe, reversible, didn’t require surgery, was long lasting and had no downtime, would you consider it? What if a treatment to control common conditions like premature ejaculation required a simple and quick cosmetic injection procedure?

Much like other cosmetic procedures, penis enlargement has changed to be safer and less invasive with short recovery times.

Men have always searched for ways to increase the size – both girth and length – of their penis. Pills, potions, pumps, weights and other witch-doctor promises are things we are all aware of, but there are only two methods for penis augmentation that actually work:

  1. Surgical Penis Enlargement – Painful and highly invasive procedure that has a long recovery downtime, performed only by a surgeon and all the expensive costs that come along with surgery
  2. Injectable Penis Enlargement Filler – Minimally invasive,near-immediate results and quick recovery time

Premature ejaculation is a serious condition for many men that impacts their relationships and sexual confidence. Varied techniques including psychological treatments and medications can assist in the resolution of premature ejaculation with unreliable results. New clinical evidence suggests that filler injections to the glands assists with sensitivity, extended performance and control.

What is the right injectable filler? Various options are available when it comes to injectable fillers for penis augmentation including:

  • Autologous fat
  • Silicone
  • Collagen
  • Permanent (plastic) particles
  • Dermal Filler

All of these fillers have variable results, side effects and durability. The number one priority for any filler injection is that the procedure is performed safely, by an expert physician, is reversible and will provide the anticipated results sought.

Academy Face and Body are specialists of injectable dermal fillers for penis enlargement and augmentation. CALIBRE uses a safe, long-lasting, soft and entirely reversible cosmetic dermal filler for all penis enlargements. The dermal filler used by Academy Face and Body is a natural substance found within the skin, other tissues that hold water and is a natural hydrator of the body. Our penis enlargement fillers have been used cosmetically for injectable treatments since the 1990’s.

Who is a good patient?

Features of a person that is a good candidate for CALIBRE penis augmentation include:

  • Lacking confidence resulting from natural penis size
  • Below average penis girth and/or width
  • Realistic expectations of the results achievable by injectable fillers
  • Suffers from premature ejaculation symptoms

What’s the ‘average penis size’? Published research studies conclude the following:

  • Flaccid length: 7-10cm
  • Flaccid circumference: 9-10cm
  • Erect length: 12-16cm
  • Erect circumference: 12cm

Patients at Academy Face and Body that seek solutions for smaller penis size often have a distorted view of what is ‘average’ and where their manhood fits within that range. It is important that size perception is discussed during your consultation, and what realistic expectations CALIBRE penis augmentation can achieve for you. You are encouraged to raise any questions or concerns around the treatment and its results, so that these can be answered prior to the procedure taking place.

What results can I expect?

Results of your penis augmentation will vary depending on the volume (quantity) of filler used and your natural penis size.

The minimum injection volume Academy Face and Body use is 7ml. While this is less than volumes cited in medical literature, like many things, technique counts. We use smaller cannulas to inject and spread the filler evenly; this makes a big difference. In a single session, we will inject a maximum of 15ml of filler. Such a volume of filler will provide a proportionate difference.

Most guys using injectable dermal filler penis enlargement aim for a 15-30% circumference increase to the shaft. Volumes of 15mls and more (over multiple sessions) provides extra weight that can lengthen the penis over time.

The most immediate result you will see is a decrease in ‘shrinkage’. Shrinkage of the flaccid penis can make some men self-conscious in change rooms as swimming, being cold or embarrassed can all result in ‘shrinking’. CALIBRE holds your penis out when flaccid that increases the size in these situations.

When the penis is erect after injectable penis enlargement there will be a noticeable thickness increase, proportional to the volume injected.

For Academy patients using injectable dermal fillers to treat premature ejaculation symptoms, we aim to improve control and increase the time before ejaculation occurs, however this is often also associated with psychological aspects of sexual intercourse and both should be treated.

How does Calibre work?

Using injections for penis enlargement has been around for a very long time. 80% of penis augmentation in Korea (where it is more common) is done with reversible filler, which is a safe and effective dermal filler option for penis augmentation.

Dermal fillers for penis augmentation work exactly the same as when used on the face and body. The injections are made just below the surface of the skin and naturally integrates into the penile tissue in around 1 week. Before the integration the filler can be massaged to smooth any bumps, ensuring an even coverage.

Dermal fillers take a couple of weeks to stabilise, absorb water and look its best. Once stabilised the filler is slowly metabolised and absorbed into the body. CALIBRE lasts for 18-24 months, sometimes longer. Small top-ups may be necessary to maintain optimal results.

Very rarely there are minor problems that occur. Fortunately all of the dermal fillers we use are 100% reversible and problems can be resolved quickly.

Your Calibre Experience


Once you get over the shyness of booking a consult to discuss CALIBRE penis enlargement, the most difficult part is over! During the consult with our experienced physicians you will feel as relaxed as a routine visit to your GP.

You are encouraged to raise any concerns or questions that you have about your natural size, anticipated outcomes and the CALIBRE treatment. Your physician will talk you through the procedure, take your measurements and advise on your suitability for injectable dermal filler for penis enlargement and the volume of filler required to reach desired results.


Before your CALIBRE treatment you should follow the below steps in preparation:

  • Trim your pubic hair a few days prior to your treatment appointment. Be careful not to cause any scratches with a hair trimmer or scissors during hair trimming.
  • Wash the area with soap and water on the day of. We will also sterilise the injection area.
  • Numbing cream may be used for this procedure. The cream will be provided at the time of booking or can be purchased from your local chemist. Please massage the numbing cream into the shaft and base (head only if the glans is to be injected), and use plastic wrap to cover the penis.
  • If you have numbing cream left, apply more numbing cream after 30 minutes. Some shrinkage is to be expected as a result of the cream, which will be more noticeable if you are uncircumcised.
  • Arrive 15 minutes before your appointment and we can apply additional cream if you like.

The Procedure

The skilled physician uses a thin, rounded cannula to inject CALIBRE. Thanks to the numbing cream applied prior to your appointment minimal discomfort is reportedly felt by patients. The dermal filler used contains lidocaine, instantly numbing the area.

The first step of the procedure is an injection of medication that induces erection, enabling better filler placement around the shaft. 2-3ml of filler can be injected to the glans if necessary. Depending on the volume to be used, the appointment will take between 30-60 minutes.

Once the injection portion of the treatment is over it can take up to an hour for the erection to pass. The penis is firmly wrapped in a bandage, which should be kept on.

After The Procedure

Complications historically associated with this penis enlargement procedure are minimal. You should expect and look out for:

  • Swelling – Considerable swelling can last for a few days but this is not alarming. You will be provided with anti-swelling medication and additional amounts can be provided if necessary.
  • Bruising & tenderness – The amount of bruising and tenderness varies a lot between all patients. Bruising can take a day or so to appear.
  • Initial malleability – Small irregularities can be smoothed out by gently massaging the product in that direction, but be careful not to overdo it. After 1 week the dermal filler integrates with the penile tissue and placement issues will need to be dissolved and re-injected.
  • Pain or difficulty passing urine – Please call our practice as soon as possible if you have pain or difficulty passing urine.
  • Excessive product around the head – It is important that we are careful not to place excessive amounts of product towards the head, especially in uncircumcised men. If you notice too much around the glans, gently massage it back towards the shaft.
  • Medication clashes – Dermal fillers can interact negatively with anti-inflammatory drugs, St John’s Wort, aspirin and vitamin E, possibly causing bleeding and bruising. Do not take these before or after CALIBRE.
  • Avoid sex – Sex and manual satisfaction should be avoided for 24 hours following the treatment and no unprotected anal sex for a week. Wash your penis after sex for the first week and at least twice a day for that week.
  • Driving – You can drive immediately following the treatment and no time off work is required

Dermal fillers take a couple of weeks to stabilise, allowing it to absorb water and look its best. Because of this, we will arrange a follow-up appointment after 4 weeks. If more product is required to achieve an even coverage, this can be injected during the 4 week-post consult.

How long with the results last?

Penis augmentation longevity is affected by several factors including, the amount of exercise you do, your natural metabolism and the type of filler used for the procedure.

Academy Face and Body use only top of the range cross-linked dermal fillers produced by one of the most reputable manufacturers in the world. While this does increase costs slightly, the product lasts the longest of any dermal filler and has been safely used on many thousands of patients across the globe.

The dermal filler used naturally integrates into the natural penile tissue 1 week after the initial injection, and is then slowly metabolised and absorbed by the body. CALIBRE is expected to last between 18 and 24 months but can last longer depending on lifestyle. Small top-ups may be required to maintain desired results during this time.

New evidence suggests that repetition of filler injections have a longer, and in some cases permanent through a process of fibrogenesis.

How much does Calibre cost?

The initial consult will incur a general consultation fee of $100, which is entitled to a Medicare rebate of approximately $70. The standard pricing for CALIBRE penis enlargement and augmentation with Academy Face and Body is based on dermal filler volume and is as follows:

First Treatment:

Glans Only (3mls):  $1,950
Silver Package (7mls):  $4,200
Gold Package (10mls):  $5,700
Platinum Package (15mls):  $8,100

During your consultation or on the day of your treatment we can quote for package prices on larger volumes.

The maximum product that will be injected during your first treatment is 15ml. Follow up treatments are available if you wish to increase the size further. Treatments scheduled within 4 months of the first session will be charged the incremental fee to the applicable higher package.

Existing Academy Face and Body patients are entitled to a 10% discount on standard rates for treatments beyond 4 months.

CALIBRE penis enlargement is not currently covered by Medicare or private health insurance.

Am I suitable?

A suitable candidate for CALIBRE penis augmentation would:

  • Be over 18 years of age
  • Not have any active STIs
  • Have no serious health conditions like severe infectious diseases, vascular or lymphatic complications
  • Have realistic expectations about what can be achieved with cosmetic dermal fillers
  • Not have a sensitivity to any dermal filler
  • Consult the physician if previous penile surgery or treatment had been undertaken to determine suitability for this treatment
  • Not be seeking a treatment to resolve bends in the penis
  • Will be circumcised or uncircumcised, both can be treated with CALIBRE

Other treatment options?

Surgery – lengthening

Surgery has long been used to enlarge the penis. Penis lengthening surgery involves cutting the suspensory ligaments holding it to the base of the bone through a small incision. Such invasive treatment has complications including:

  • Considerable swelling in the foreskin, requiring a circumcision at the time of surgery, which increases pain and downtime
  • Failure to strictly follow the ongoing stretching program for a full 6 weeks can lead to a retraction causing it to be shorter than before surgery
  • Not being able to increase circumference of the penis and published results show only a 1-2cm increase in length
  • Can begin to point to the side or not as erect as the erectile tissue becomes part of the shaft, destabilising the penis

Surgery – fat grafting to increase girth

A more reliable technique is dermal-fat grafting. A strip of skin with underlying fat is surgically wrapped around the penis below the skin. To do this effectively the skin needs to be ‘skinned’ and rewrapped. The procedure is highly invasive with significant risk of scarring where the skin has been harvested.

For several weeks you cannot sit for extended periods of time and six weeks is required for patients to abstain from sex.

Other Injectible Options 

Other substances are currently being used for penile injections including:

  • Polymethylmethacrylate or permanent plastic microspheres (PMMA)
  • Silicone
  • Vaseline
  • Permanent dermal fillers

Lumps, infections, deformity, painful erection/sex and granulomas are all associated with the substances listed above. Unlike the dermal filler used by Academy, there are no simple reversing procedures meaning that surgical removal is required. Surgical removal of these fillers rarely return the penis to its natural state.

Fat injections have been tried to create a thicker penis. While this was initially a promising technique, the injection process resulted in adipocytes rupturing or reabsorbing leaving only 10% of the fat cells intact. Fat injections can also cause lumpiness, distortion and infection with scarring and deformity. For more information click here: www.penisenlargementsurgeryinfo.com/fat-injection/


Jelq exercises – Jelq exercises are well-known stretching exercises said to increase the size of the penis. Reports show that they can eventually work (link to www.penishealth.com) when done for prolonged sessions (an hour a day) for months and months to see any changes. As very few people have the dedication to continue this regime it is not a feasible way to increase penis size.

Pumps and Traction Devices

Penis traction devices get results through sustained traction of the penis, creating a temporary increase in length at the expense of width. Traction devices can also be used following penile lengthening surgery to ensure the hidden erectile tissue is advanced externally.

The results of pumps and vacuum devices look impressive by engorging as blood is drawn to the penis, but the results are only temporary. Pumps can be useful after surgery or in managing erectile dysfunction but do not progressively cause an enlargement of the penis.

Pills/Creams/Herbs/Rhino horn

Pills are a straight up scam that do nothing. No biological reason is plausible that anything taken orally can impact penis size. Similarly, creams have no plausible reason for working and no medical articles suggest male hormone cream into the penis can impact size.

Rhino populations around the world are decimated by hunting for their horns as a result of the belief they can improve penis size. The fact of the matter is that rhino horn is made of keratin that is found in fingernails and hair. Biting your nails does not result in a bigger penis or stronger erections and neither will rhino horn… DON’T USE IT!

Losing Weight or Liposuction

Liposuction or weight loss can actually increase the apparent size of your penis. Professionals estimate that for every 10kg of extra weight you carry, about half an inch of penis length becomes retracted or ‘hidden’. A lot of fat on the abdomen can cause the penis to become inverted.

Fat converts the male sex hormone into the female sex hormone as is physiologically normal. Your penis is being done no favours by being excessively overweight. We can also perform liposuction of the abdomen to increase the natural exposure of the penis.

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**Results may vary from person to person**


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